Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A letter to my sweet baby boy.

My dear little Elias,

You are twenty months today.
You are in your cot at the moment, having an afternoon sleep. You love going to bed. You need sleep and you know it, so putting you down is a breeze. You cuddle teddy, suck your dummy, roll onto your side and within minutes you are sleeping peacefully.

You may be baby number 4 but my word you are loved and adored. You are lucky, there are more family members to dote on you. I often hear Malachi saying, "Oh little man, What a precious little man, Oh i love my little E." You love your siblings too, just today you followed Mattea and Jaz around the park for an hour, trying to join in on their games. I watched with delight as Taya put you on her lap and you went down the slide together, she then took your hand and led you to the next piece of equipment. My little E, we all adore you.

You even love the chickens, Miss Daisy and Millie. While eating chicken for tea we say, eat your chicken Li Li and when you hear the word chicken you suddenly point at the window and search with your eyes for the chickens in the garden. It is oh so cute. Chicken is one of you first words. Shoes is also a favorite word of yours. You have to be wearing shoes, if you are not you bring me a pair, urging me to put them on you, saying "shoossss shoooosss shoosss."

Sometimes it's very quiet and i start to nervously think that you must be in the bathroom playing in the toilet water. I run to the bathroom, you're not there, so i momentarily panic, where is he? I search and then i see you, sitting in a quiet spot, legs stretched out in front of you, totally engrossed in the picture book on you lap. There are other books sprawled on the floor around you. At this moment my heart swells with love for you, and i feel guilty for automatically assuming that you were up to mischief. I say, "Good boy Li Li, I love you." You look up at me seriously for a second, and then go straight back to your book.

I love your helpfulness. If im packing up toys, you come over and help, if only the others were as helpful as you. I love this about you so much. You even love to help me unpack the dishwasher. You pick up a plate, cup etc, hold it out to me and say, "dere." Thankyou dear boy.

Sometimes when I want to get you dressed, i call your name and you run in the opposite direction, laughing, you think you are so funny! The way i get you to come is i shut my eyes, or pretend not to be looking at you, and you sneak up on me, your eyes gleaming with merriment. You think you are so clever!  I act very surprised and you laugh and laugh. I love your laugh. Keep laughing sweet boy.

Elias Elias Elias, I could talk about you forever.
You are adorable and you melt my heart everyday.
Love you my sweet little E

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  1. Aww, so lovely Bec! And I love that photo of you two! Two sweet peas in a pod! What would we do without our babies???