Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Wall

I love simple backgrounds in my photos.
I love this wall. I love my subjects. I love this day.

Monday, October 17, 2011

We went for a walk, with my camera :)

Just had to say... not on facebook...

does anyone else ever have so much that they want to say on facebook, but you don't because everyone will think you are obssessed with writing statuses???
Well this happens to me regularly. I think in statuses. People comment on my frequent statuses but if they really knew how often i wanted to change it but rsist, they would be shocked!!!!! I just have so much i want to say!!!!!!!
Like now at this present moment i want to say that: my bubba has just got his second tooth and im in love with this song im listening to... i kinda have the strange need to tell everyone every little thing that happens, it's ridiculous, like noone really cares...  
SO why is this? maybe i want constant attention, i thrive on attention and compliments... maybe... maybe i am just really passionate about everything and think everyone will be too... maybe maybe...

Anyway.... just a thought, thanks for reading

Bec xoxox

Friday, October 14, 2011

Here we go...

Welcome to my new blog.
Come on in, sit on this luxurious couch, trust me it is sooo comfy. Now, relax. Take some deep breaths, smile, ahhh this is the life.  I really need to purchase a foot rest for you. So are you ready? Good...

Let me introduce mysef. My name is Bec and im just a girl who likes to smile and laugh. I love it when people laugh at me and say im funny, it kinda makes my day! I love taking photos, it's kinda my thing, i constantly have a camera in my hand, When i was young i used to buy those disposable cameras, I then upgraded to the $20 post office camera, and then the digital era began. So yeah ive always been obsessed with photos, it's just the way I am :)

So glad you are coming on this blog journey with me. Hope you enjoy reading my thoughts, photos  and anything else that comes out of this weird and wonderful brain of mine.

Bec xo