Saturday, June 1, 2013

I'm a parent!!

Isnt being a parent one of the most challenging and yet one of the greatest things ever.
It can go from being hard and frustrating to being amazing and lovely in just a few seconds. What an roller coaster ride these lovely little people take us on, heaven bless them :)

My children can be the loveliest little things, they can be helpful and polite. They can shower me with compliments  and say the cutest things. Chi always wants to sit with me and have a cup of tea, and longs to please me. He gets all endearing when I spend time with him and starts saying, "I love you mummy".  Taya wants to draw me pictures all day and make me little arty things, she loves a good cuddle. The other day she said, "We havent had a good cuddle in years". Jazzy is just gorgeous, stubborn, but gorgeous. He loves to dress up and can sit on his own and play for hours. His smile and shiny eyes warm my heart. He can be so polite and caring. Elias has the best laugh ever, he just goes around laughing all day. I love watching him through the dining room window jumping on the trampoline. He sees me and waves and jumps even higher with a huge grin on his face. I love it when I put him to bed and he laughs and says, "Wuv you". I love when we all snuggle on the couch together or they all invade our room in the morning and we are all together on the couch. Malachi loves this too and says, "We are all together as a family". I love how Malachi values and loves the family unit so much.  I love how they are ALWAYS putting on shows, singing, dancing, acting, and making music. Tonight I heard Taya say, "I'll be the sound man" as they were planning a concert.

It's times like these (mentioned above) that I wish I had 10 kids. They bring me so much joy and fulfillment. However this happy little bubble is easily burst! My kids can also be horrid!  They fight and can be very dis-respectful and unappreciative. I struggle with the un-appreciative part. I go out of my way to take them somewhere nice or do something fun with them and they carry on about how boring it is. This really annoys me. Are all kids like this???  I know I need to be more consistent in my parenting, but it is so hard!!! When they are behaving badly and being noisy, and wont listen to a thing I say, I am so glad that I didnt have any more kids, as I cant handle the ones I have alot of the time! Im sure im not alone in feeling like this. Be encouraged, you are not alone :)

Being a parent really is amazing. I love it. My goal in life was to get married and have 6 kids. Im living my dream. (just minus 2 kids) It is a HUGE challenge but oh how amazing and rewarding those special smiles and those "I Wuv you"s are.
These are my thoughts as my kids are sitting quietly watching Prank Patrol. Im about to put them to bed and then peace. I love them but oh it is nice when they are asleep ;)

Love Bec xox

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