Monday, July 29, 2013

Our Thailand Adventure: Chapter 3: Karon beach, Phuket

"My favorite thing is to go where I have never gone." 
Diana Arbus

On day 3 we arrived in Phuket. This is where our luxurious part of the holiday began
This blog incudes lots of entries from my travel journal (the italic parts). I thought i'd let my past self, the holiday Bec, write lots of the blog post, seeings as she was there and all ;)

"We have just arrived at our resort, The Horizon Karon Beach resort. We are in our room relaxing after our crazy drive from the Phuket airport. I thought we were going to hit so many cars-and couldnt say anything or act anxious. They drive so fast!! And some people on the motorbikes and scooters don't wear helmets- crazy people! I know the damage a hit to the head can cause so not wearing a helmet really scares me! Anyway, we have our pool access room and I think we are about to have a swim. TIME TO RELAX AND JUST CHILL."

Here is our room and our own personal deck chairs overlooking the pool. The cool thing is that we were in the adults only wing so there were  no noisy kid splashing around in the pool... just big kids like Todd and me :) It was so peaceful and relaxing sitting on the deckchairs.

"Now this is nice. I've just been for a swim and now i'm sunbaking on my deckchair. Im feeling extremely relaxed- this is what I have been waiting for. The water is warm and luxurious and there are frangipanis floating around. Oh the serenity. Bliss. Total bliss. Heaven. It is so amazing just being able to do your own thing- no time restraints- noone to take care of,  just us :)

After our swim we walked down the hill to Karon Beach. It was dark as we walked onto the sand and i couldn't really see much but I remember feeling so happy that I was finally standing on a beach in Phuket. I just couldnt wait to come back in the morning and see it in the daylight!! As we walked back up towards the main road I could see rats scuttering along the grass and just like that the moment of wonder was gone! Agghhh rats!! Then I noticed all the rubbish along the side of the road, agghhhh tourists. But in defense of the tourists I must say, where are the rubbish bins?? It was hard to find a bin, no wonder there is rubbish in the gutters. It's ok, by morning the rats were out of sight and the rubbish was cleaned up :0)

Karon by night :)

We had a yummy tea in a little restaurant over the road from the beach. I had a chicken and cashew dish, mmm. Toddy enjoyed listening to the happy little guitar playing man :)


Here is a short clip of the restaurant.

 After tea we walked towards Kata and we came across this little elephant! Ohhhh he was so cute! I fed it some bananas and discovered that i LOVE elephants!  The highlight of my evening for sure! A great 20 baht spent ;) 

and of course, we found Starbucks!!

The next morning we walked down to see Karon Beach in the daylight. We walked along the beach and paddled our feet in the warm water, id never experienced warm sea water before, it was fantastic! I was wearing a little dress and i felt so overdressed! Most people were in bikinis, and speedos, it was an eye opener for sure. Big people running around in bikini's eeekkk!! Another thing that was funny was watching all the people pose for photos. Todd and I just laughed, people were lying at the waters edge, trying to pose like models, if you thought i was bad, you should see these Europeans! 

Todd joined in with the posing. I think he posed even better than those Russians :)

As we were walking back along the road to our resort we stopped and had our feet eaten by little fish. 

Nibble, nibble, nibble, nibble. This was something I just had to do while in Phuket. I'd always wondered what it felt like, and now i know... it didn't tickle, it was more nibbly. It was weird but  I liked it. And afterwards my feet felt so nice, soft and clean. 
After this we went back to our resort and made the most of the Privilege Club Lounge- where we could get free snacks and drinks between 12-2pm everyday! Todd was loving the free Gin and Tonics!

"It does not smell nice in some parts of Karon, you will be walking and suddenly there will be an awful smell and my tummy churns slightly. I guess the heat doesn't help the sick feelings"

Well that snippet from my journal above could also refer to Patong, which is our next stop.Im so glad we chose to stay in Karon and not Patong. I'll tell you all about it in my next blog post.

Thanks for reading xxoo


  1. Glad to see that you had fun in Karon beach like we did. We stayed over at Phunawa karon beach resort and had our private place as well!

  2. I agree with you about the smells and lack of bins, been to Karon about 3 times and going again on the 20th January 2016.
    I love it far better than Phuket Town.

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