Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Setting the tone for the day!

We have made a few changes at our place lately.

Toddy and i used to stay in bed as long as we possibly could in the mornings. When the kids woke I  would get Elias out of his cot, put the TV on, tell them to be quiet and go straight back to bed.
Well i'm sure you can imagine what happens when 4 kids are left unsupervised for an hour. There was fighting, arguing, tears and mess, LOT of mess! I won't tell you about the time I got up and found both irons out of the cupboard and plugged in! Not a peaceful start to the morning for them or for us. When we got up we had to deal with them and the mess, while rushing around like crazy people trying to get everyone dressed, fed, lunches made and out the door for school. Mornings were chaotic and I dreaded them, I really did! Was that extra hour of un-restful sleep really worth it? At the time we really thought it was.

We got fed up, there was no peace in our home, the kids were constantly fighting and we decided we needed to make some changes. So the first change we made was to set our alarm for 6 am and get up before the kids (or at the same time).  This way when they got up we could peacefully greet them and be with them. Naturally these early morning behavioral issues vanished and the kids started the day on a peaceful note. By starting the day this way we have seen that their behaviour is better throughout the day also. I believe that the tone you set in the morning has a big impact on, in this case, the kids behaviour for the remaining of the day. I love mornings now. I dont wave goodbye to the kids and then breathe a huge sigh of relief that they are gone and that the mad rush is over... there is no mad rush. We just  peacefully do breakfast, lunches and school prep, no stress :)

Toddy and I also decided that we needed to get more discipline in our lives where our daily devotions are concerned. I truly believe that setting the tone for the day involves our spiritual life also.  So we both sit down at the table and do our own personal devotion and prayer over breakfast. It's not a long, drawn out devotion, but rather a scripture and thought that gets us listening and in tune with God, right at the start of the day. We should tap into the flow of what He has for our day, afterall, it is Him who gave us the day in the first place. How can we serve God throughout the day if we don't take time to stop and listen to His instructions, the earlier the better I think!  Since we have been doing this I have felt so much closer to God, and im starting the day with the right attitude. I feel like im ready to face whatever the day throws at me.  Im excited about life, and look for ways I can encourage and show God's love to people. These morning devotions, setting the right spiritual tone in my life early in the day, have made a huge difference!!!

I got up and exercised today, and drank warm lemon water. This has set a healthy tone to the day! I endeavor to keep this up! Toddy has been doing it for a week now :)

Just thought i'd share these changes and thoughts with you. I dont like to keep such exciting things to myself :)

Love you all
Bec xx

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