Friday, September 27, 2013

Chickens... Hilarious.

I never imagined that I would grow up and have a couple of chickens running around the garden. 

When Todd first mentioned the idea I said, "As if we could get chickens, we don't live on a farm". And might I add, I have no intention of living on a farm... there would be animal poo and snakes everywhere!! I like the bright lights of the city :) 

Last year Todd decided he would buy 2 chickens from the chicken farm up the road. It was his birthday so I just had to smile and nod... I didn't think they would last long anyway with all the of the cats around here. I must admit it was quite exciting, we named them Miss Daisy and Clementine. We had pets!!!

A few weeks later Clementine mysteriously disappeared, and it was SAD!  I got teary over a chicken!! I told Todd to go and buy another one, he did. The kids named her Millie. A year and a bit later, and they are both still with us. It is an awesome feeling when you collect an egg that your own chicken has laid. 

I have a love/hate relationship with these chickens. I love the fresh eggs. I love that we have given these chickens a lovely family. I'm so glad we rescued them from a chicken farm. They sit up on the porch and watch us through the window. They love us, they follow us around the garden. They chat to me as I hang out the washing, every so often I yell at one when it pecks my toe. I have to admit that I talk to them. "Hello Chickens, bok, bok, Goodmorning chickens". I yell at them, "Get out of the laundry, Now! Come on, 1, 2, 3... " Yes i have counted at them. They are disobedient!!

 I HATE that they poo everywhere!!! EVERYWHERE!!! I hate that there is chicken poo on all of the kid's shoes. I hate that I can't go and sit on the grass and relax.  Hanging the washing out becomes a game of dodge the poo. I hate that I have stepped in their poo in my havis and poo squished between my toes. Seriously if I wanted poo everywhere I would live in the country!!!

I guess one benefit is that we have very fertilised grass :)

Beside all of this, I love that my children have had the experience of having chickens. They have chased them, hit them with sticks, locked them in a container for a whole day and night :( 
They have loved them, fed them, held them proudly, and collected eggs.

We have 2 chickens. It is hilarious. I'm living the dream, husband, house, 4 kids and some chicken in the yard ;) This blog is for you Miss Daisy and Millie, our pets, our chickens xxo

Getting the chicken onto the stool?

That's not going to work, she may just have to be a chicken and eat the pellets? 

1...2...3... Get on the stool now.
 Good chicken.

We love our chickens

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