Thursday, February 5, 2015

On your 4th birthday

10 Things I Love About Elias

Im sitting here thinking about what to write about Elias and i just want to cry. 
He is so very precious to me. He is my 4th baby and without him I didn't feel complete.

1. Elias, I love the way you want cuddles, all the time. You come to me and say, "Cuddles on the couch". One cuddle isn't enough for you, you want to snuggle on the couch, you want my undivided attention. Once you have me sitting and relaxed you go to the bookshelf and bring over a book for me to read to you, then another and another... seriously,  if you had your way we would just snuggle and read books all day. I love you my cuddly, snugly boy.

2.  Elias, I love the way you dance and groove to music along with your older siblings. You are just way too cool. You dramatically mimic the words to all the songs and have the happiest look on your face. Keep grooving my dear boy!

3. Elias, I love how you love to look at photos, especially of yourself (So my child)! You daily look through the photos on my phone, and will show them to anyone who will take the time to look. You laugh, and describe whats going on. It warms my heart.

4. Elias, I love how you get up in the morning and say, " I want some lunch." I correct you and say breakfast, but you still say lunch every morning. Just now you asked for lunch when we were serving up tea.

5. Elias, I love the way you can sit at my computer for ages and watch play dough YouTube clips. You absolutely love them, I don't understand why, but hey, it gives me time to get the housework done :) You absolutely love play dough and play with it everyday!

6. Elias, every time you paint and draw, or write on a foggy window, you write a big E . You are so proud of your E's. Recently you've started writing an l next to it. You'll be writing your whole name before you know it. I love it! E is your trademark.

7. Elias. I love it how you play schools with your older siblings. They find work for you and set you up a work area. Mattea makes a chart and puts a sticker on it when you've finished your task. You love the attention,  you are clever and smart.

8. Elias, I love that you have FINALLY started sleeping through... most nights anyway. A couple of times a week you still wake up crying and when you see me walk through the doorway you say, "Cup of Milk". I get one, you drink it, and you go straight back to sleep. Im back in bed within 2 minutes. Thankyou Elias for letting me get some sleep. I love sleep.

9. Elias, I love that your dad has brainwashed you into responding to the name Giovanni. Your dad loves to tease you and you love to tease him back. He has also brainwashed you into sometimes calling your teddy, who you call teddy, Bruce! The other day I asked you if your name was Bruce, and you said, "No, teddy is Bruce" I love your sense of humor E.

10.  Elias, I love how excited you are about your party tomorrow. I have never seen you so excited about something before. It is a Minion Party and you LOVE the minions!! You keep talking to me about party hats, party bags and all the lollies that are going to be at your party. I want this party to be amazing because it's the first time you have ever been excited about you birthday. Last year we told you it was your birthday and you told us that it wasn't! I want you to love every minute. I want it to be perfect, just for you.

Elias, no words can describe my love for you.  I'm so glad I have this year at home with just you. It is going to be so special. Your little voice, your little hand in mine, your little feet you like me to tickle... I want to treasure every moment.


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