Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas traditions

The idea of establishing Christmas Traditions with my little family fills me with so much JOY!!
I feel like im a little bubble bouncing around and about to explode... POP!!

So far these are our 2 traditions...

Tradition 1

Every night in December we read a Christmas themed book together. At the end of each November I will buy them each a new book each to read and add to the collection. The kids love this and so do I. I have also thrown in a Christmas Carol book and some nights we sing together as well :)

Tradition 2

Every year we make a video to a Christmas themed song.
We are in the middle of doing this now and it is so much fun! I just love seeing the little dances and moves the kids come up with, and the ideas they have are so cute. It is a great way to record their growth and development each year while having fun enjoying the Christmas season. It allows us to be creative in a whole new way :)

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  1. Your excitement is contagious Bec. I am soooo looking forward to developing our own unique Christmas traditions with my little family. We also have a pile of books by the tree - I came across Jarrah reading through them tonight, I love how she makes different voices for different characters and just makes up her own little story! Hope we get to SEE the video too - sounds fun!