Sunday, June 3, 2012


SPICY- seasoned with or containing spice
SPICE- Something that gives Zest

 MY Winter is going to be full of Zest. It's going to be vibrant, exhilarating, full of life and energy. Goodbye dreary winter months and hello spicy winter. 
I came across a spiced hot chocolate the other day,  it contained all the usual hot chocolate goodness, but it was better, those spices just brought the hot chocolate to life. In the same way, im going to spice up my Winter, all the usual winter goodness but with some added extras which which make the season exciting and invigorating. I'm suddenly VERY excited for Winter, and more spicy hot chocolate too!! 

So here are the ingredients I need to spice up my Winter:

1. Build a snowman
2. Dance and sing in the rain
3. Do a winter photo shoot with my kids
4. Buy a pair of colorful, warm winter socks 
5. Read some winter-themed books with the kids
6. Go to the movies with friends x2
7. Find a new yummy winter soup
8. Read a good novel
9. Host a dinner party
10. Drink hot chocolate with marshmellows
11. Go to Nae's and have a spa by candlelight
12. Play a new board game
13. Go out for desert with a friend
14. Put the kids to bed early and have a romantic candlelight dinner with Todd


Im choosing NOW to make these things happen and to Spice up my Winter :)


  1. Sounds lovely Bec! I do believe your winter will be totally spicy! And spiced hot chocolate! Mmmm, I must try that!

  2. You're awesome! But you already know, so...