Thursday, April 26, 2012

If I could choose again i'd still choose you...

                                "Im in love! I am I am I am!!!
                     I've never felt this way about anyone before.
         Todd is my favorite person in the world and always will be." 

I wrote the above 10 years ago, and Today Todd and I celebrate our 9th Wedding Anniversary. Im very pleased to say that I love him even more now and he still is my favorite person in the whole world. Today i found myself  reminiscing about when we first met and our wedding day, such great memories.

The first time i met Toddy was at a band practice in Launceston. It was for a state youth camp our church denomination was having. He was from Rocky Cape, I was from Hobart. He was the guitarist and me the keyboard player. I didnt talk to him a whole heap and this is what i had to say about him in my diary that night:

 "Todd is cool, he is so good on the guitar. He drove us to Maccas for lunch and he had 20 chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce, a vanilla thickshake and a chocolate sundae- and he ate it ALL so quickly. I want to get to know this Todd better."  11th September 1999

                           Here is Todd at the first camp :) So young!

He intrigued me right from the start, there was just something unique about him.  In my journal i have written, "God, Please let me marry Todd", just a few weeks after that first camp.  I didnt see him for a whole year at the next annual camp. It was at this camp that we made a pact... i told him I would be able to do the splits by the next camp, and we agreed that if I could he had to pay me $5, and if I couldn't, I  had to pay him $5. ( I ended up having to pay him the $5)! After this camp we started texting a bit and he rang a few times... but it wasnt until after the next camp that things started getting a bit more serious, and then mum invited him to my surprise 21st. And what a surprise that was!!!!!  Anyway, we got together, we broke up, we got together again and then he talked me into marrying him (took a few blocks of town to convince me ). After we got engaged he moved to Hobart... We'd actually not spent much time together before we were engaged... mostly long distance!

                            Wedding fun

This is a small glimpse into our love story. It is the story of 2 people who were meant to be together. I really believe we are the perfect match, soul mates. We have had 9 years, i can't say of complete bliss cos we have had a  health obstacle thrown our way, which has tested us in many ways. But we are stronger and have grown closer through it. We have 4 amazing kids, an amazing God and consider ourselves truly blessed. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for us and we continue through this life journey together.

                         2 weeks after our wedding, back at State Camp :0)

Thankyou Todd Barker for choosing me. I love you so very much xoxoxox


  1. What a great story! I love it - especially the diary entries :)

  2. This love story sounds so familiar...I knew a couple with this exact story...oh yeah it was you guys!!!~Congrats you two. A great journey so far - plenty more road to travel!
    (And yay for another blog post! hehe)

  3. Great to be reminded of your journey, so pleased I invited Todd to your 21st :)
    much love and congratulations on your 9th Wedding Anniversary!

  4. Aww! So lovely! You keep all my romantic hopes alive! Beautiful blog!