Thursday, April 4, 2013


Last week was a huge week for us, so earlier this week we set aside a day of rest for our family. We kept the day free of any plans and decided that we would turn our computers off and not check Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, emails, Instagram and all the other forms of social media out there. We also refrained from talking about church and school. The day was for us to simply REST and enjoy each others company, with no distractions.

I believe that days like this are essential and needed in this fast paced, technology filled world.  As a society it seems we have forgotten how to be still and enjoy the little things around us. There is always something that needs to be done, or there is always something happening on facebook that needs our attention. No wonder people are so uptight these days. We need peace. We need to stop and listen to the birds, to look at the clouds, to breathe in the fresh air. We need to stop and really connect with our husbands, kids, and really live in the moment, not just be half present cos, hang on, i just HAVE to Instagram that... you know, it may  just be a press of a button or a quick glance at my newsfeed but these thing can take over our lives!! Im a culprit of this. I let myself get so distracted by social media that my kids suffer. I know they do, just by the look on their faces when I told them I wasn't going to go on Facebook for a whole day!  It was a look of pure joy, their eyes lit up with hope and expectation, Malachi even did his spastic excited thing! Oh gosh, i could have cried.  It was a huge eye opener for me, they want my attention. How selfish am I to give my attention to the silly computer,  and not them. Don't get me wrong, Im not saying social media is bad! I just have to make sure I don't let it take over. I don't want to be the half present mother, wife and friend. I'm going to regularly schedule in rest days with my family, where we do fun things together, and really live in the moment, no distractions. I read this, and for me personally,  I need to replace technology with social media ;)

"Rest is important because technology can kill relationships. If you’re not intentionally setting time aside from technology, you’ll allow technology to be the most important person in the room at times, instead of the people you are with."

On our day of rest, we decided to go for a walk on the Sculpture Trail at Birchs Bay. It was great to get out into nature, while appreciating some art along the way. The kids ran and kooooeeed, and it was just great family time. We didnt talk about the stresses of work, we just enjoyed nature and really rested. 

 Some shots from the sculpture trail!

It was a challenge for me not to check Facebook, i automatically do it all the time!!! When i sit down, I sit in front of my computer, it seemed strange to sit on the couch!! You know, I actually loved not being on Facebook all day. I didn't have to think about anyone else, it was just me, and my family.
Social media may not be an issue for you, maybe there is something else that seems to take over your life. Something that you may have to give up for a day, in order to have real REST. Emotional, physical and spiritual rest.

As humans it is healthy for us to learn to rest, it doesn't come naturally but we need to practice. Even God rested after he created the earth.  If He can do it, then we should  STOP and REST too.

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