Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thailand, just 3 sleeps away.

Well this post is for me.
This is so I have a record of how I was feeling with just 3  SLEEPS to go until leaving for THAILAND!!

I have spent all morning trying on all my summer clothes and writing down different combinations. I'm happy with how I feel in them and i feel comfortable and confident. It is the best feeling ever, I haven't felt like this in a long time! What a relief!!!!! I didnt reach my  goal weight, but im still so happy. And aren't happy girls the prettiest?

I have a travel journal! I have always looked at them in the newsagency, and longed for the day i could buy one and use it!  SO i chose one I love, and cant wait to fill it's pages. I am such a journal writer! I used to always have a journal in my bag and wrote in it everywhere I went, ie, school, church, shop... yeah i'm strange ;)

Also, there have been further developments to our trip. Monday now involves a rendevous in Bangkok with my 2 sisters Liv and Ana. Ana is in Sri Lanka visiting Liv and they are flying in for the day to see us!! Im looking forward to future conversations which begin with, Remember that time in Bangkok...   Oh it's going to be nice!

Amongst the excitement I am still sad about leaving the kiddies. I'm sure this is normal.  I will miss them.  I will miss E saying "Gook Mum" all day long, he wants to show me everything! I keep telling myself that im not going to be gone for long and that I i deserve a break...  so please be nice to my kids while im gone!! keep them safe and give them lots of kisses and cuddles. Im dreading the goodbyes and already so excited about the airport hellos when we return!

I think everything is organized. Im so ready to relax, swim, and drink 99 baht mojitos in my tiny shorts!


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