Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Tradition 2- Christmas Video

I recently told you all about our Christmas Book Tradition. This is going amazingly well.

Another tradition we have as a family is to make a Christmas Video. 

It's lots of fun! It can also be very frustrating when you have a idea in your head and the kids just wont co-operate... I play back the videos and hear myself getting mad at them... oopppssssss... but in the end is so rewarding and the kids and I just watch them over and over. 

 This year is our third and I love looking back at them and seeing how the kids have changed and developed. I do think that Christmas is a good excuse to do silly things.... so why not film these silly things and spread the Christmas cheer!!! Im too tired to say much... so here is this years video... I will also add the previous 2 if you would like to check them out  :) Keep scrolling down to see  Santa photos... im in a Christmas reminiscence mood ;) (and im extremely tired)     





2013- the year Santa forgot to be jolly 


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