Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Book tradition :)

I think Family traditions are really fun!
I decided to start one in our family! Well 2 actually but this blog is focusing on one :)

THE TRADITION:  To read one Christmas story a day to the kids during December, ending on Christmas Day.

I decided that I was going to buy all the books from Op Shops during the year, which I did! I found the challenge fun. If you couldn't find me over the year I was probably in an Op Shop, scouring the bookshelves humming, " I'm going on a book hunt... " 
Once I had the books, I wrapped them in Christmas wrapping paper and placed them in a pile ready for December 1st :) 

And here they are on December 1st, all ready to go...

Elias just wants to unwrap them all, I have to hide them through the day.

 I decided that I would let one child choose one and unwrap it each night, and we would read it together as our bedtime story. To stop arguments we went from eldest to youngest. Malachi thought he'd chose the book from the bottom of the pile. The biggest book :) Mattea did the same thing last night, I wonder which one Jaz will pick tonight? I get excited as they unwrap too, which one is it, which one is it...?

Yes, I am one child short in that photo... E decided he couldnt sit through this book ;)

Im loving this tradition! Reading is so important, why not make it extra fun!!!
Im going to keep looking in Op Shops to see if I can find some different ones for next year.

Happy December friends


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