Monday, March 31, 2014

Im a homeschooler- We have almost survived Term 1!

Hello Hello.
Here I am, it's been a while since i've blogged.
Ive been busy trying to find the  balance between teaching Chi, catching up with friends and getting the housework done... It's a hard gig. I find myself longing for the time when I used to send the kids off and then laze around wasting time for an hour or so... the good old days... ;) Now I rush them out the door and try to get a bit of order to the place before I start teaching Chi... I feel like the clock and I are in a constant battle, i'm trying to slow it down but it just wants to race ahead... tick tock...

BUT I must say that the improvements that I have seen in Chi's confidence make this struggle SO WORTHWHILE!!! He keeps surprising me with his happiness and helpfulness. He looks out for his siblings and has become so much more responsible. His behaviour has improved considerably, he goes to bed happy, looking at books, instead of crying about horrible, hard school! Dont get me wrong, he isnt perfect by any means, but oh so much better. Others have also noticed that he is more confident and holds his head higher, this makes my heart soar.

Academically, I'm slowly seeing improvements. His reading is alot better than it was in week 1... still a  long way to go though. I don't need to coax him to read and write as much as I did at the beginning. He still resists alot of the time but doesn't have the total meltdowns that we were seeing.

Almost 1 term in and I'm still absolutely positive that we made the right decision pulling him out of school!! I dread to think where he would be if we hadn't!!!

Thanks to all those people who have commented on his blog and encouraged me along the way... some days a little encouragement goes a long, long way.

Alright, I must go, im writing Chi a message in Greek. Man im LEARNING lots!!!!!!

Love you all xxxx


  1. It sure is an interesting ride isn't it! But oh so precious! So glad things are going well. God bless you guys. xxx

  2. On ya Bec! So glad you are doing this for Chi! He is such a blessed little biy to have you as his Mum! Blessings! Xo cath