Saturday, April 5, 2014

Toy Honour Session

Each of my children have had that one toy... the one toy that they wont go to bed without, that one toy that if you can't find it, the whole place goes into a panic and search mode.

As my kids are getting older, these toys have become less important. I want to remember these toys, I want to acknowledge them, before they are  packed away and stored in a box.

Here is Malachi with Mr Blue, the blue dog.  He was a present when he was born from the teachers at Channel Christian  School (where I taught at the time). Chi no longer needs Mr Blue around. Thankyou Mr Blue for your service :)

Mattea is holding 'Dolly'. This was given to her at birth by my Auntie Sonya and Nanna. Her first doll and bed buddy :) Dolly has now been retired to the soft toy tub :( Taya also had 'blankie'.

Jazzy is with Max, his yellow and purple teddy. Anastasia gave this to him for his first birthday, because he didn't have a special toy like Malachi and Mattea. Ever since that day, Maxy has slept in bed with Jaz. Thanks max!!! (I have no idea why Jaz called him Max)

 Elias and Teddy. Teddy is still very much needed and yes, we regularly search for him at bedtime.  If Elias is tired he cuddles teddy on the couch. Another birth gift from Auntie Son, Al and Nanna :) I cant see teddy being out of a job any time soon, phew!!!!

Thankyou toys for doing what you do and providing comfort and cuddles for my children.

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