Thursday, May 29, 2014


Sometimes I feel the urge to blog, even if I havent got anything exciting to blog about. I usually just fight the urge and do something else. This time  I have started typing, who knows what my fingers are going to type or what weird place my brain is going to take you... I have no idea, no idea at all. It's Friday afternoon and we have just made banana muffins, I ate one too many and am feeling a bit full. I cant say that they are delicious, cos that would be lying and I dont lie. They are passable, with a cup of tea. I love drinking tea, did you know that?  Tea is good. God is good, therefore Tea is God? hmm no not quite. I'm sure God likes tea though.

Im feeling hot and dopey. My head is hot. My head is always hot. I always have a red face. Its embarrassing. Why is this? I wish I knew.  Those last couple of sentences feel a bit Dr Seussy.  Dr Seuss is strange and genius all at the same time. A bit like me really ;) We are both really random. Never ever at the beginning of this page, when I let my fingers run free did I imagine that i'd be writing about Dr Seuss. This is just wild. Oh gosh, oh gee, what is happening to me???

I had 11 hours of sleep last night, I dont think ive ever slept that long, like EVER! It was amazing. My littlest has started sleeping through, finally, at 3 years old. I'm getting full night sleeps for the first time in 8.5 years, and it's brilliant. Im hoping that now i'm getting sleep that my brain will start functioning again. They say 'use it or loose it' so i'm hoping that the 9 years of not using it hasn't caused too much permanent damage. Sleep deprivation is coming to an end, so I wont be able to blame that on my vagueness anymore, eeekkkk. I want to read and read and gain knowledge. Hopefully now i'll be able to read a book without getting half way through a page and falling asleep :) Oh the possibilities are endless...  in saying that, is it bedtime yet???

This is the RAW Bec, the unedited Bec. I got sick of jpeg mode, too perfect.

Ok, i must stop this ridiculous rambling and clean up the muffin mess.
Love to you all dear ones



  1. You really are a cracker Bec ;-)

  2. I like RAW Bec! Maybe next time you could take a bunch of photos of you doing random stuff and make up captions to go along with each picture! That would be funny! I love listening to muck around, especially when I'm mucking around with you!!