Monday, June 30, 2014

My list

I feel like i've been through a wringer and i'm starting to come out the other end. I've had to change churches after 22 years of giving everything to a church, and it's been heartbreaking. The worst part has been seeing my extended family suffer, and being treated unjustly. Ive been grieving the loss of what was... but at the same time i'm excited about where God has put us and our future.

SO while sorting myself out Ive been contemplating...  and these are the things i'm aiming to do, or have learnt:

1. Take the next step, move forward, don't look backwards. Don't meditate on what could have been. Accept the present and keep moving forward.

2. Enjoy the moment im in right now... magic moments come and go so quickly... be in the moment.

3. Laugh at funny things. The world feels like a different place after a good laugh!

4. Hang out with good people. People who uplift you.

5. Build your intelligence. Read, research, study.

6. Embrace new ways of doing things.

7. Stop and contemplate, over and over again.

8. Get fit. Be the best you physically. You will have more strength to get through the day.

9. Eat healthy.

10. Tell 'your people' that you love them.

11. Listen to good music, over and over!

12. Watch a good movie every so often

13. Know that you can be used greatly, no matter which season of life you find yourself.

14. Be confident. You are beautiful, even if you don't feel it.

15. Connect with people. Look for ways to help people and show God's love to them. CONNECT    CONNECT CONNECT. My eyes have been opened when it comes to connecting over the last few months. It's challenging and is definitely outside of my comfort zone. But oh so very important!!!

16. Jesus hung out with people that we may not usually hang out with. Be like Jesus. Accept all people. Love all people.

17. Think about your future self when making decisions!! hehe.

18. Be real!! You don't have to present as perfect. No-one is perfect. 

SO this is my little list. I hope it gets you inspired and maybe you could incorporate some of these things into your own lives :)
I love you all, new friends and old. You are all dear to my heart. Please message me and organise a cup of tea date with me :)

Love Bec xxx

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