Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ally and Bec

Once upon a time there was a 12 year old girl called Bec.
One day she was sitting at church when a young, freckled faced girl walked into the building.
This girl smiled at Bec, and Bec immediately knew that she wanted to be friends with this girl.

This girls name was Alison Lord. She walked into the building and wondered who that strange, childish girl, watching her was. Little did she know that Bec was putting together a plan, a plan that would set them up to be friends, a friendship that has now been strong for 20 years. This is our story.

Younger days performing 'We're a Couple of Swells'.

It was the January school holidays after year 6.  I got Mum to invite the Lord family over for Sunday lunch so we could get to know each other. I remember taking Ally outside and showing off by doing cartwheels off our beam. She wouldn't even attempt it. Ally was all set to start at Kingston High and then her parents decided to send her to my school... yes... it was all coming together nicely. Before school went back I invited her over for a sleepover so we could really get to know each other. She chatted about boys the whole time and I thought she was wild. I managed to tame her and we became the best of friends. We were pretty much inseparable from that moment on.

We went through high school and youth group together, while growing up in the same church. We were so innocent. We spent our time watching Shirley Temple movies, playing schools and churches (in the early days)and  recording ourselves onto tapes for hours as we made up radio stations. We sang and danced. Ally is a brilliant singer, I used to go and watch her sing in Eisteddfods. We had crushes on boys, I was the flirt, she wasn't so much.

After high school we went of to Guilford together for College, where I may or may not have pushed he into a wall, and knocked her unconscious for a few seconds. I thought i'd killed her and ran off ready to hide! Here we both suffered through 2 years of music with Mr Parkinson and I had the privilege of watching her kiss Caine in Kismet, haha :) Then we both enrolled into a Bachelor of Arts, choosing 2 of the same subjects. Wherever Ally was, I was. We even did a year of Italian School on a Saturday morning during year 10. We got our drivers license in the same week, and our first wild trip out together on our own was to Maccas- oh the freedom we experienced that week!!

I have so many stories I could tell you, like the time I told Debby (Ally's mum) that Ally had a date that night with a guy who rode a motorbike...I told the whole story about how they met... she was so worried and panicked! She was trying to get Keith (Ally's dad) to tell Ally she couldn't go. Well of course I'd just made the whole thing up and when Deb found out she chased me down the steps and out the front door, screaming, "Im going to get you Rebecca Stossich." HA There was lots of laughter afterwards :)

A trip down memory lane...

Did I mention that we used to dress up and take photos. We must have been pretty bored?

Our lives have now taken different paths. Ally lives in Melbourne with her husband Adam and Im still here in Tassie with my tribe. We don't see each other much, but when we do, we just pick up from where we left off.  A couple of months ago she called, and when I heard her voice I just started laughing, then this made her laugh... I mean, who needs hello when you can just laugh.

THANKYOU SO MUCH Al my pal, Alsation, Charlie, Ally for being my beast (not a typo) friend. We were the best. We still are pretty great. SEE YOU SOON :)

Love Bec x


  1. Bec Star! I am overwhelmed. I don't know what to write...but to say, I am presently teary and so touched and thankful for your love and friendship. I am sometimes resentful of the space between us and sometimes I even get a bit envious of those who get to spend more time with you, but I know we have a bond that endures over time and space. I love you Bec and I hope I do see you soon :-) I feel very honoured to have been featured in one of your blog entries. Love the pics! Such fun! xo

  2. Hi Bec, just love this blog! So many great memories! Your friendship is a treasure! Love you! Xxxxxxxxx Deb

  3. Forgot to say love the photos! So many happy memories!