Monday, January 26, 2015


So things are changing this year.
Todd is going back to full time work after 6 years part time. He feels it's time, so he is stepping out, and we are trusting  that it will all work out with his silly head troubles. Ive been so lucky to have him home with me every Wednesday and im going to miss this big time! No more Wednesday breakfasts!! Im trying to be a very supportive wife... trying.

So Todd has said that I have to take up the cooking responsibility. Ive also been lucky enough to have a husband who has cooked for most of our 12 years of marriage. So for me, this is a huge thing. Im going to be like one of those normal wives who have to cook... flip! So i've done my freaking out and now Im determined to become an amazing cook. Everyone is going to be hanging out for an invitation to my place to eat MY food :) This does sound hilarious as I am very clumsy in the kitchen and nothing ever seems to work for me. Earlier on in our marriage we had a chef  live with us for a year, and i can still hear her saying to me, "Im sorry Bec, but there is no way I would ever hire you as a kitchen hand." Hmmmm, it will be a challenge but I can only get better!!

Tonight was my first night. It worked out amazingly, Malachi cooked a BBQ for me ;) I did make the salad of course. Hehehe one night down! Todd got home from work and stood in the kitchen and then said, "I dont need to be in here," and walked out. He then stood in the dining room looking very lost. I assured him that he was very welcome to go back into the kitchen and start cooking, but he wouldn't, not even to make the salad! The good news is that he is still going to be cooking Friday night pizza! YAY I get Friday night off... I love Friday's already!! So if you ever feel the urge to cook me a meal and bring it over feel free.... just kidding ofcourse, but seriously...

So im sure I will blog some of my cooking disasters and some of my cooking successes.
Stay Tuned.

Love Bec xxx

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