Sunday, April 19, 2015

term 2 challenge

And just  like that Term 1 was over and now the holidays are OVER!
Time, I have an idea, SLOW DOWN! My kids are getting too big! Just stop and give us a moment, please. I'm scared, literally. This year is not meant to go this fast.

Ok , so now that you all know that I think time is going too fast i'll move on.
Term 2, hello!! I'm going to embrace you and see you as a new season to make the most of. Even though these weren't exactly my sentiments when the alarm went off thsimorning. Speaking of alarms, my alarm is set to play a Kari Jobe song, which was a bad idea cos now every time I hear this song I cringe and get that horrible 'i have to get up' feeling. I'm sure you all know the feeling. Sorry Kari, I really do like you. Anyway, back to the point, ummm what was the point?...  oh yeah, the alarm went off, AND TERM 2, HERE I AM EMBRACING YOU... hugs.

This term, I have given myself the challenge to stay calm in the morning during the 'get them out the door 'madness. I know right, what was i thinking, BUT this is my challenge. I don't want to raise my voice, I don't want them to leave the house with my frantic yelling echoing through their heads. I want them to feel positive and calm as they head off to learn and be amazing, loving people. I need to be the responsible one and help them by setting the tone for the day, a positive tone, not a negative one. I can do this. I will do this. This morning I stayed very calm, even when my kids wouldn't wake up. All through the holidays they are up at 6:00am being noisy... but today, nope, all still snoring at 6:30 (and yes, they really do all snore). The second Jazzy opened his eyes he told me he was sick and  that, "vomit just came into my mouth". I had to literally pick Mattea up and carry her out of bed (she's getting heavy) as she cried, real tears, about being too tired to go to school. I did warn her this might be the case last night, when she wouldn't go to sleep cos she wanted to write 100 maths sums to show her teacher today. Strange child. Through the tears and pretend vomit I stayed calm and reassured them that everything was ok. They left smiling and happy and I didn't raise my voice :) I stood at the door and happily waved as they drove off, what a nice start to the day.  1 day down, millions to go!

So next time you see me ask me how my calm mornings are going, I might need reminding :)
Thanks for reading and I hope you all have an amazing term 2.
It is now time for me to have a cup of tea.


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