Sunday, July 19, 2015

negative vs positive

This morning I was happily sitting in the sun, sipping my tea and thinking about life when suddenly the thought, 'life sucks' dropped into my head. It just snuck up on me, like the kids do when I have chocolate,  and I found myself responding by agreeing and thinking of all the reasons why life sucks. It went something like this: Todd was sick all holidays and has gone back to work sick, that's not fair... how on earth do I keep this house clean for the 2 open homes on the weekend... its not like we will ever find a house to move into anyway.... why on earth did Todd say we need to get the house on the market already... why cant he have patience... now he is sick... grrrrrr far out Todd... I cant live like this... so and so didn't like my photo of Instagram, they mustn't like me anymore... It's cos im fat... id have more friends if I was skinny...why am I so fat... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

WAIT WHAT??   Im just innocently sitting here enjoying the sun and my tea and wham... life suddenly sucks! Ridiculous!!! One little negative thought planted itself in my mind, then grew and grew suddenly changing my whole outlook on the day and the 'oh so horrible life' that im living. CRAZY CRAZY!! Does this happen to you too??

I really need to take control of these thoughts that pop into my head and not let them ruin my day and turn me into a negative person. I need to reject them before the set root in my mind. I want my thoughts to be Godly and uplifting. I want my thoughts to set me up to succeed in life, to have positive relationships and a positive outlook. I want my face to be radiant, not sad looking cos my negative thoughts are eating me up on the inside.  I want positive confessions to come out of my mouth!! You see, my life really doesn't suck! I have an amazing husband, 4 kids, a house... i'm living the dream! I have an amazing God who loves me and cares for every detail of my life. My life is good.

I could go on and on but I wont. You get the idea.
I started writing this blog with no idea what I was going to write about and this all came out...
Amazing! I feel alot more positive now. The sun is shining again on the outside and the inside.
Time for another cuppa

Thanks for reading
love bec xx

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  1. Great post Bec! I am NOT a morning person, especially with chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia BUT I aim to 'wake up every morning like I've already had a great day' and despite the aches and pains, think of all the wonderful things in my breakfast - my most favourite meal of the day!
    It's the little things ;-)
    Bless you Bec - you are lovely, you are worthy, and you are well and truly blessed xx