Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dear Blog... a truthful moment.

Dear blog,

Im feeling very out of control of everything around me... children and house.
My children seem to be wild monsters making mess with every step they take. I feel like im constantly saying, "pick that up, don't hit, don't yell at your brother, stop running, shhhhh, put your rubbish in the bin, get back into bed (im saying that right now)..." It just goes on all day and it's hard work. We are meant to train our children, and i seriously feel like I have got nowhere. I feel that if i had somehow trained them more efficiently, then things would be so much easier now. Maybe then we would have more order and peace, instead of the constant fighting, arguing, yelling and mess. I sometimes just want to scream... AAAAGHHHHHHHHHHH... but i guess I only have myself to blame.

Train your children- It sounds so straight forward in theory, but when has raising children been straight forward. I know I need to be more consistent, set more boundaries, use positive reinforcement, set consequences, yell less (shh that's a secret between the neighbors and me), I KNOW ALL OF THIS and still I struggle. I will try harder. My resolution is to try harder and restore order and peace to the household! My children will behave, my children will turn out brilliantly.

Im sitting here typing surrounded by duplo, shoes, pillows, clothes, toys, pencils, pegs, clean washing, dirty dishes etc etc !  It is not pleasant. To clean it up almost seems like an impossible task. (it's not of course). I am lazy, I am sitting here typing and not cleaning. For me typing  or writing is my way of processing how im feeling... writing to me is liberating and it is how I come up with solutions. I don't talk, I write. Writing clears my head. The reason I am writing this blog is so that I can clear my head enough for me to be able to get to the place where i can face the mess... and also to let others, who may be fed up with the kids and mess, know that they are not alone :)

Im going to try harder to train my children so that I can get them and my house under control. Please ask me how im going from time to time. We all need encouragement, especially me.
Thanks for reading
Love Bec xox

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