Wednesday, January 23, 2013


In 12.5 weeks Toddy and i are leaving the kids with our parents, and heading off to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in Thailand!  *scream yay oh my goodness* Ive never left Australia before so im very very excited to see some new sites and experience a different culture. Ive got the passport papers filled in, have had the photo taken ( I think I look like the lion form the wizard of Oz in it), and i'm off to the Post Office with it all in the morning! It's all becoming VERY real :)

Our trip has been booked for months and months and Id been meaning to lose a bit of weight before we went, you know, just 20 kilos, no big deal... ha well as always i leave everything to the last minute,  so now i have 12.5 weeks to work hard and lose as much as I can. I know that 20 kilos isn't going to happen, but every kilo counts. I dont want to feel unfit and like a beached whale while I am there. I want to feel confident and not ashamed of how I look. 

Im using My Fitness Pal and really loving it... the scales are starting to move. Im really determined and working hard, and im going to see results. I want to shock everyone ;)  While I work out I imagine myself lying by the pool at our resort, and canoeing through caves in Phang Nga Bay. This incentive really helps!

So stay tuned friends! I'll let you know the outcome. Some encouragement along the way will be awesome too.

Love Bec

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