Tuesday, February 26, 2013

But, I need it??

Yesterday a friend posted a photo on my wall of some awesome Jars she had bought from Shiploads. They were cute, cheap and I wanted some! Oh the things I could do if i had these jars!
So this morning after school drop off I headed straight for Shiploads. I parked the car and then the unexpected happened, an inner dialogue began, and it stopped me from getting out of the car.

"Bec, you don't need these jars, what are you going to do with them?"
"I don't know, but they are cute and cheap"
"I thought you were trying to de-clutter, this is just collecting more 'stuff'."
"But they are cute and won't be available for long"
"Aren't you trying to not buy things unless they are really necessary?"
"But they are cheap, I can get 3 for under $10"
"For under $10 you can buy 6 litres of milk"
 "OK!!! I wont buy them"

Talk about giving me a hard time at 9am.  I drove off without the jars. In reality, they would prob sit on my shelf empty for a year and i'd eventually get rid of them cos they a cluttering up my house.

One of my favorite bloggers has made the choice to not buy anything that she doesn't NEED for a whole year! That is a huge decision hey? I couldn't do that! But it has really got me thinking. We live in such a consumerist society, we want everything we see, and everything is so accessible. BUT do we actually need all of the 'things' we acquire. I know I don't. Over the last couple of months, i have chosen not to buy anything that I dont need. I walk through the shop and see things I want, and for a moment I think, YES,  I need that, that will make life easier, but then that inner voice pops up and makes me really assess why I think I need it. In every case, I've realised that i don't need it. Our homes are already cluttered with things we don't need, so why add to the collection. After i've made the choice not to purchase the item i feel good, because i've saved money, and also because I havet been sucked in by my feelings. I feel like ive made one step in reversing the you 'YOU NEED THIS' from my brainwashed mind. it is seriously liberating. My mindset is changing.

I'm not saying that i'm not going to buy anything that I want ever again, of course not, that would be extreme! But I'm saying that i'm going to think about my purchases, and not just buy things for the sake of it. I dont feel deprived, I feel excited, im being wise with my finances, and i'm not cluttering up my house. I feel like im finally taking control.

Thanks for reading

love bec xo

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