Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thailand... NEXT MONTH!!!!!

Thismorning i got up and said, "Next Month I am going to Thailand!"

Im excited and nervous all at the same time.
Im nervous about the unknown. Ive never left the country, I've never experienced a culture that is different to mine. Im also nervous about the heat. I've never traveled more than 3 hours on a plane, and I've never left the kids for 9 days before. Leaving the kids is such a huge thing for me. Ive already shed tears and it's still 7.5 weeks away! I felt re-assured last week, when i overheard Jazzy say to Malachi, "Where are mum and Dad? Have they gone on their holiday?" He didn't seem worried about the fact that we may have left... Jazzy, like we would leave without saying goodbye!!! Im telling myself that the kids will have a great time, a holiday from us!

Im also super super excited. I long to immerse myself in another culture, to see new sights, to smell new smells (even if they are bad). Im hanging out to spend quality time with Todd. Not having to worry about getting back in time for the babysitter! I cant wait to swim in the resort pool, and relax as we celebrate 10 years of marriage. We have booked 2 tours already... im so excited... im going to be snorkeling, jumping off boats into beautiful green water, canoeing through caves, riding elephants... WOOOOOO!!

Eveything is falling into place nicely. I've been trying to lose weight, so im more comfortable while we are there. So far ive lost 8 kilos. Im pleased. I want to loose another 5 (at least) before we go.
I had some needles this week, which was exciting, in a strange kind of way! Im getting light summer clothes organized, it's going to be HOT!! Now where did i put that underwater camera?? I must find it!



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