Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Jasiah- my ponderings the day before your 6th birthday x

My beautiful boy Jasiah Ezekiel turns 6 tomorrow. 

He is very,very special to me. Thinking about how dear he is to me makes me tear up. 

His eyes, his large dark green eyes, have me captivated. 

He was our surprise baby! I had no idea I was pregnant until about the 10th week... I just thought I felt sick cos Id been on a detox diet! I thought my friend Meika was crazy when she suggested I should do a pregnancy test, i'd just had a baby, as if i'd be pregnant... HA! He was born when Mattea was only 13 months! Malachi was 2.5. Crazy times. My 3 under 3 are now 6, 7 and 8... time flies!!
He was my biggest baby, 9 pound 2 ounces and with a big head. He was 10 days overdue. I burst all the blood vessels in my eyes pushing him out! I was humiliated cos an ambo training guy watched the labor, his first labor viewing, Todd reckons watching his face was more exciting that watching the Jazzy come out.  

When he was a toddler he had the reputation of being 'rough'. He bit a newborn babies toe at playgroup once (so embarrassing). If another child was crying, it was prob Jaz's fault.I felt like I couldn't take him anywhere cos he would play up and embarrass me.  But now, he is so tender hearted. Although he often still has that cheeky look, and by no means is perfect!

I feel the need to protect him more than I have felt with any of my other kids. (I dont know why)

I dreaded the day he had to go to Kinder more than any of my other kids. I was convinced he wasn't ready. They pulled him away from me, he was screaming and my heart broke... i sobbed and sobbed and didn't care who saw me!

He is complex, in a way I cant describe. He says things he doesn't mean, like, "I hate you", when he really means, "I love you".  

If he has to make a decision he changes his mind every few minutes. You never go by his first answer, or his second...

I love the way he talks.

I love the way he puckers his lips when he gives you a kiss.

I love to dramatically kiss his salty tears, and make him laugh when he is upset. Seeing tears tumble from his big eyes does crazy things to my heart. I want to protect him from all hurt, I know I cant.

He loves to play with your hair while he talks to you. He strokes it and twists it while he speaks, right up close to your face.

I know that when I get him dressed it will only take about 5 minutes for him to get dirty... I dont know how he does it.  Always grotty.

He seems so scatterbrained, but sometimes will come out with something extremely intelligent and surprise us all! What goes on inside of that head of yours my boy? Yesterday he just started playing the drums, I mean, flip child!

Jazzy is a hoarder! He collects empty toilet rolls, empty boxes, pretty much anything actually, and creates things with them. He is so clever and inventive. I'm continually amazed at his creativeness. I regularly have to go to his bedroom and de-clutter his treasures, empty bottles, pieces of string, empty tooth paste tubes etc. He has claimed the area under the outside back steps and calls it his workshop... this is where he likes to create... like a mad professor.  He will happily tinker away on his inventions for ages. I seriously think that one day he will surprise the world with his genuineness. No-one would be expecting it. Watch out!

Thankyou Jasiah Ezekiel for being my precious 3rd child. I want to be the best mum that I can be for you. I want you to dream and succeed. I want you to laugh and have fun. I want you to grow and be an amazing man of God. I love you.

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